"Kelly was a godsend to our family!  She encouraged me through breastfeeding struggles and gave me the advice and support I needed to be successful.  She was positive and encouraging at a time when I felt very alone.  She knows scientific facts about breastfeeding and babies that support her advice.  I cannot tell you how many times I stressed about making milk, turned to Kelly and she helped.  My entire family is grateful for her knowledge and the way she delivers it!"   Kristen Cosby Diaz

"Birth and Kelly Googe go hand in hand.  For my husband and me, Kelly was with us for the births of our second and third daughters.  She is not only a doula but an advocate and a steady, calming presence in the face of the unknown.  Because of her knowledge and expertise, she single handedly kept me out of the OR during my first VBAC.  I will forever be grateful for the gift of natural child birth and her effort in achieving my two successful VBACs.  For the Wolfpack, we would never go to a birth without her!"   Lindsay Wolf

"Kelly was our doula for both of our daughters and I can't imagine going through birth without her.  She was our advocate when things didn't go as planned and made sure our girls arrived safely.  Her lactation support is incredible too.  She helped me embrace the beauty that comes with motherhood and I will be forever grateful.  I am honored to be her client and even more honored to call her my friend. I think my husband Brian  described her well when he said, "I'm sure there are a lot of good doulas out there but I can't imagine any of them being as good as Kelly."  I couldn't agree more.  She was there for us as we became parents and will forever be a part of our family."  Leah Copham

"Breastfeeding is a learning process - for you and for your baby - and it's so essential to have amazing support as you work together to make your nursing relationship strong. Kelly has been that support for me. Although I'm a second time mom and nursed my first for a year, I still had a few bumps in the road this time and was so thankful for Kelly's gentle reassurance. She is kind, funny, knowledgable and so giving. She has gone above and beyond to help me and so many others. She is a blessing to the Jax birth community and I am blessed to call her a friend."   Amy Iracki

"I chose Kelly as my Doula because she was caring, confident, and charismatic. I needed a coach because that's the only way I knew how to respond to life changing situations and events. Kelly is the epitome of what you are looking for in a doula, compassionate, knowledgeable, and strong-willed. She is not only there for you and your baby from start to finish but becomes apart of your family, forever. I have recommended Kelly to many others and will continue to do so because she is the ultimate birth advocate. Thank you for everything you did for me and all that you do for other mothers."  Adrienne Billings-Smith

"I met Kelly after the birth of my second daughter, Ellie. I struggled to breastfeed my first baby two years prior. As a result, I stopped breastfeeding completely around 8 weeks despite my best intentions as a new mom. I didn’t know many women who breastfed at the time, so it was foreign territory for me as a new mom. When I had Ellie, I was resolved that I would stick with it and reach out for help. That’s how I was referred to Kelly.

Ellie was jaundiced and didn’t latch well. I found myself struggling, worried I would have to end my nursing relationship prematurely again. From the moment Kelly walked through the door, I knew she was a special person. I have told Kelly and others time and time again that she is like human Xanax. She has a calming, warm, and tender presence. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Kelly as a person and a lactation consultant. Kelly went above and beyond for Ellie and me. She answered all my calls and texts. She followed up with me when I needed face-to-face reassurance. She even went with me to Ellie’s tongue/lip tie revision at Dr. Myers to simply offer support because she knew I was struggling with anxiety and post-partum depression.

My breastfeeding relationship with Ellie lasted for 5 months. We struggled with jaundice, tongue and lip ties, the death of my father-in-law when Ellie was only 3 weeks old, reflux, pumping, and ultimately a milk/soy protein intolerance. Once again, I found myself questioning whether or not to stop breastfeeding before we was ready to stop. One of the most important things I can share about Kelly as a lactation consultant is maybe not what you would expect… It was her compassion, empathy, and understanding when I decided to stop early and transition Ellie to formula. I never felt judged or was made to feel like I was less of a mother or woman for making the choice I did. She was always supportive of what was best for not just baby but mom as well. I think many women feel judged if they struggle with something as natural as nursing their babies. Kelly only lifted me up when I needed it most. I firmly believe that I would not have made it to 5 months without her encouragement. The world needs more LC's like Kelly who are capable of seeing the whole picture.

Kelly Googe is not only a wonderful lactation consultant but a friend. She is warm, caring, and kind. I am only sad I did not meet her sooner so she could have been my doula as well!"    Sara Stanley